Water products - Whale, Truma, Shurflo

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We stock Truma, Whale, Reich, Comet, Shurflo and many more water products. Please ask if you are looking for something in particular.

Shurflo Water Pumps 20 and 30PSI £82.99

Truma Ultraflow pump £63.99

Truma Ultraflow filter assembly £23.99

EP1612 Whale pump £69.99

EP1622 Whale pump £67.99

EP1642 Whale easi-press pump £63.99

GP1332 Whale Superfill pump £69.99

EM94733 Whale Mains Water connection £89.99

Whale inline water filter £34.99

Whale AquaSmart replacement filter £19.99

Whale Grooved Pressure Switch £39.99

Whale Watermaster Easi slide socket with pressure switch ES6001 £49.99

Whale Watermaster Socket with integrated pressure switch ES5001 £51.99

Replacement Crystal Water filter £9.99

Truma Crystal Filter Housing (white/ivory) £42.99

Replacement flap for filter housing £11.50

Aquaclean tabs (pk of 32) £5.75

Puriclean 100g £3.99

Puriclean 400g £6.99

28mm water outlet with flap £4.99

1 1/4" sink plug £1.25

7/8" sink plug £1.25

Hose sealing sleeve 23.5mm £0.95

Hose sealing sleeve 28mm £1.10

Waste hose 28mm grey £2.50 per metre

Waste hose 23.5mm convoluted black £2.25 per metre

Fresh water hose (clear or blue) £1.75 per metre

Fresh water hose (red reinforced) £2.25 per metre

John Guest 12mm hose (blue or red) £1.95 per metre

Leisure Plus Easy drain 3 into 1 £10.99

Leisure Plus Easy drain 2 into 1 £7.99

28mm Y Connection £4.99

101470PK Truma Drain Plug £9.95

101022PK Truma Drain Plug O Rings (pk of 2) £3.25

101039PK Truma Pressure Relief Valve £9.95

101036PK Truma Water Inlet & Non Return Valve £8.50

101026PK Truma Fulham Hot Water Outlet £6.75


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