• Specialists for Fiamma, Thule, Whale, Dometic, Thetford, Alko, and Truma.
• Extensive range of new and used awnings.
• Rollout Canopies and Cycle Racks.
• Batteries, water containers, aerials and all the necessities.
• Mail Order Service.

We can fit:
Rollout awnings & Cycle Racks.

Suppliers of:
Camptech, Doréma, Fiamma, Isabella, Ventura, , Bradcot, Kampa, Outdoor Revolution, Thule, Truma, Thetford, Dometic, Vision Plus, Alko, Milenco, Platinum Batterries, Whale, Fenwicks, Reich.

We keep a good selection of pre-owned awnings, which have all been erected and checked over before they are advertised.

We can supply many new awnings.  If you are looking for something in particular, please give us a call to discuss it.

Our well stocked Accessory Shop caters for all your caravanning/motorhoming needs. We also carry spare parts for many caravan and motorhome appliances. If you are looking for a specific item give us a call.

 Speak to Angela Bell our Awning and Accessory Manager.

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    We are Calor Gas Dealers.  We now stock Patio Gas. We also stock regulators to fit all Calor bottles (including Patio Gas & Camping Gaz) and Bulkhead regulators.



    Prices correct as of  29th April 2024

    4.5kg Butane £33.00

    7kg Butane £36.00

    15kg Butane £56.50

    3.9kg Propane £28.00

    6kg Propane £32.00

    13kg Propane £45.50

    19kg …

  • From £9.50


    Lots of great gas & electric heaters and gas cooking stoves IN STOCK NOW

    Quest Stand alone  4.2kw gas heater (inc regulator and gas hose) £139.00 - Calor 15kg gas bottle available separately IN STOCK NOW

    Portable gas camping stove £24.99

    Camping Gaz double burner stove £69.99

    Kampa Forno Mini Oven £54.99

    Halogen heater £15.99

    Oil filled electric radiator £31.99

    Quest Bahama Dual Fan Heater £28.99 

    Clip-on Mains Mini Fan – 6″”(15cm) 220/240v 15w £15.95

    4 pack of gas £9.50


  • from £15.99


    Quest Aruba Quartz electric heater £15.99

    Quest Bahama Dual Purpose Fan Heater £28.99

    Quest 5 fin electric oil filled radiator £31.99

    4.2kw Gas Heater inc hose and regulator *(takes a 15kg gas bottle - NOT included)  £139.00 -IN STOCK NOW

    * Gas bottle available separately

    Click on main photo to see gallery of our heaters

  • We have 3 brand new, unused Fendt caravan windows but have no idea which models they will fit.

    As we are unable to order Fendt caravan windows anymore, these might be of use to someone. Sizes and prices listed below

    Window 1 Actual measurement 1220mm x 655mm. To fit aperture 1100x550mm. Tinted with stays attached £500  SOLD

    Window 2 Actual measurement 1030mm x 655mm. To fit aperture 900x550mm. Tinted with stays attached £400  SOLD

    Window 3 Actual measurement 1240mm x 655mm. To fit aperture 1100x550mm. Clear with stays attached £500 

  • Be prepared for any power cuts with a Portable Gas Stove - ONLY £24.99
    Gas canisters to fit stove £2.50 each or 4 for £9.50

    Buy now while stocks last!

  • ~600177586

     See description for prices

    We keep a variety of gas cannisters and larger Calor gas & Camping Gaz bottles in stock.  Also stoves, regulators, gas hose, pigtails, Truma regulators, bottle top regulators and much more.

    Quest Gas heater 4.1kw  £139.00 iN STOCK NOW

    Single Gas Burner Camping Stove £24.99

    Pack of 4 CRV gas cannisters £9.50 (or £2.50 each)

    Propane Pigtail 1.5m £16.99

    Propane Pigtail 1.5m with handwheel £17.99

    Propane Pigtail 0.75m £13.99

    Propane pigtail 0.75 with handwheel £14.99

    Propane Pigtail 0.45m £11.99 …

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    This is a small selection of our electric leads, plugs, inverters, bulbs, light. Much more on display in our shop.

    25mm Mains lead £49.99

    UK Conversion lead £5.99

    Mains Continental adapter lead £5.99

    Mains site plug £2.99

    Mains coupler £2.99

    UK Socket Conversion Lead £5.99

    3 way splitter £14.99

    Flush fitting mains inlet for Fendt caravan  £29.99

    Flush fitting Mains Inlet (white/beige/black) £15.95

    Flush fitting 240v Outlet (white/beige) £15.95

    Bullfinch mains outlet  - grey   £43.95

    Mobile mains Supply …

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    We keep a good selection of taps and water pumps in stock. If you can't see what you need, please ask.

    Various Reich taps in stock. Ring to check availability

    Fendt caravan Kitchen tap (Comet) £69.99

    Fendt caravan washroom tap (Comet) £67.99

    Comet non return valve £8.99

    Reich non return valve £4.95

    Reich tap cartridge £15.99

    Comet Roma Trigger Shower Head £27.99 Available to order

    Reich replacement spout for twist tap £9.99

    Comet Florenze Spout £9.99

    511-0418ESASK2 Reich Submersible 18ltr …

  • See description for prices

    We stock Truma, Whale, Reich, Comet, Shurflo and many more water products. Please ask if you are looking for something in particular.

    Shurflo Water Pumps 20 and 30PSI £82.99

    Truma Ultraflow pump £63.99

    Truma Ultraflow filter assembly £23.99

    EP1612 Whale pump £69.99

    EP1622 Whale pump £67.99

    EP1642 Whale easi-press pump £63.99

    GP1332 Whale Superfill pump £69.99

    EM94733 Whale Mains Water connection £89.99

    Whale inline water filter £34.99

    Whale AquaSmart replacement filter £19.99

    Whale Grooved Pressure Switch £39.99

    Whale …

  • See description for prices

    We stock Elsan and Thetford Toilet fluid.

    Elsan 2ltr blue £13.99

    Elsan 2ltr pink £13.50

    Elsan 4ltr blue £19.99

    Elsan Organic 2ltr £14.99

    Elsan Double Concentrate Twin pack (2ltr pink & 2ltr blue) £19.99

    Elsan Fresh Water Tank Freshner 1ltr £9.99

    Elsan Grey Water Tank Freshner £12.99

  • See description for prices

    We stock Thetford and Elsan toilet chamicals.

    Thetford Aquarinse pink spray £6.50

    Thetford Aquakem Blue Sachets £16.99

    Thetford Aquarinse pink 1.5ltr £12.99

    Thetford Aquarinse  pink concentrated £12.99

    Thetford Aquakem green Concentrated £14.99

    Thetford Aquakem Blue 2ltr £14.99

    Thetford Aquakem  Concentrated Duo Pink/Blue  £15.99

     Thetford Aquasoft Toilet Roll (pack of 4) £3.99

    Thetford Aquasoft Toilet Roll (pack of 6) £5.95

    Thetford Grey water freshener concentrated  £9.95

    Thetford Cassette …

  • See description for prices

    We stock a wide variety of Thetford Toilet parts. If you can't see the part you need, please ask.

    32322-62 Thetford Control Panel SC402X £70.99

    51810-62 Thetford Control Panel SC400 £49.99

    32313-62 Thetford Control Panel SC403L £69.99 - available to order

    50709 Thetford Control SC250 £25.99

    50708 Thetford SC250 Overlay £11.99

    93403 Thetford SC260 Overlay £8.99

    16182 Thetford Drain Tube £6.25

    23738 Thetford SC200CW Wiring Harness £33.99

    23714-62 Thetford SC200 Reed Switch £8.99

    23718 Thetford Level Indicator £3.59

    20107 …

  • See description for prices

    We have a selection of hitchlocks and wheelclamps, Alko and Winterhoff.

    Milenco Compact Wheelclamp £89.95 AWAITING STOCK

    Streetwize Lightweight Wheelclamp £45.95 

    Galvanised Basic Hitchlock (suits older hitches/trailers) £19.99

    Bulldog DMAKS Minilock to fit Alko 2700 hitch £135.99

    Bulldog Mini Lock to fit Winterhoff WS3000 hitch £79.99

    Milenco Hitchlock to fit Alko 2004/3004 hitch £89.50 AWAITING STOCK

    Alko 2004/3004 Hitchlock £175.99

    Alko Safety Ball £8.50

    Alko Towball kit £39.99

  • £90.00

    Platinum Leisure Batteries come with a 2 year guarantee.

    Platinum Sealed Leisure batteries are able to withstand the pressure of day-to-day use and remarkably good value for money.

    Length: 264mm

    Height: 205mm

    Width: 174mm

  • £125.00

    Platinum Leisure Batteries come with a 2 year guarantee.

    Platinum Sealed Low Box Leisure batteries are able to withstand the pressure of day-to-day use and remarkably good value for money.

    Length: 347mm

    Height: 190mm

    Depth: 174mm

  • From £28.99

    Chairs & tables

    Quest Ragley Pro Recline Chair (Blue) with side table £79.99  IN STOCK

    Quest Winchester Relaxer £65.99 IN STOCK

    Crusader Lollipop black reclining chair and footrest £59.99 IN STOCK

    Royal Leisure Colonel chair in blue/grey  £49.99 IN STOCK

    Liberty Leisure red Director's Chair £49.99  IN STOCK

    Raptor folding chair in Lime green £45.00   IN STOCK

    Quest Concert Pack Away Chair (Green) £36.99 IN STOCK

    Quest Autograph Kent chair (orange)  £29.99 IN STOCK

    Quest Burford …

  • Awning Accessories 

    Metal tent pegs 20p each

    Groundsheet pegs 20p each

    Plastic tent pegs 30p each

    Pegging ladders 35p each

    Screw in pegs 50p each

    Rock pegs 60p each

    Drill pegs 75p each

    Additional Roof poles and Front legs £14.99 each

    Camptech tie down kit for Starline / inflatable porches £15.99

    Tie down kit to fit across the roof of an awning £15.50

    Universal tie down kit £16.50

    Camptech tie down kit for traditional awnings £32.89

    Dorema tie down kit £27.99

    6mm - 4mm Keder strip for drive away awnings £4.99 per metre

    Figure …

  • From £27.99


    If you require a certain size, please call us to check if we have stock, as stock levels can change quickly.

    2.6m x 2.5m £27.99 

    3m x 2.5m £29.99

    3.5m x 2.5m £35.99 

    4m x 2.5m £39.99

    4.5m x 2.5m £45.99 

    5m x 2.5m £49.00 

    5.5m x 2.5m £55.99 

    6m x 2.5m £59.99

    6.5m x 2.5m £62.99 

    7m x 2.5m £65.99 




  • See description for prices

    We stock a wide range of caravan essentials.  Melamine dinner sets, low wattage kettles, toasters and microwaves, gas kettles, non-slip matting, bins, water carriers, gas equipment, smoke alarms, CO detectors, mains leads, batteries, security sets, steps, and much much more!

    Melamine 16 piece dinner set £29.99

    Gas kettle 2 litre £14.99

    Gas kettle 1.6 litre £13.99

    Low wattage 1.7 litre Quest kettle £26.99

    Low wattage 1.2 litre Thirlmere kettle £22.99

    Low wattage Electric Toaster £32.99

    White Low Wattage …

  • Jockey Wheels from £8.99

    Alko 48mm budget jockey wheel assembly  £32.99

    48mm Solid wheel jockey assembly £39.99

    48mm Pneumatic jockey wheel assembly £46.99

    Spare small solid wheel £8.99

    Spare solid wheel £14.99

    Spare pneumatic wheel £15.99

    Replacement inner tube £9.99

    Clamp £11.99

  • Towing mirrors from £12.99

    Vision single mirror £12.99

    Falcon Super steady mirrors (pair)  £48.00

  • see description for prices

    We keep MPK Rooflights, blinds and flyscreens in stock.

    HEKI rooflights can be ordered, as can REMIS rooflights. Price on Application.

    MPK 400 x 400 Dome only (beige or white handles) £54.99

    MPK 400 x 400 Dome with flyscreen (beige or white) £64.99

    MPK 400 x 400 Dome with blind and flyscreen (beige or white) £69.99

    MPK 320 x 360 Dome with flyscreen (beige or white) £54.99

    MPK 320 x 360 Dome only (beige or white) £48.99

    MPK 280 x 280 Dome with flynet (beige or white handles) £46.99

    MPK 280 x 280 Dome only (beige or white) …

  • See description for all prices

    We stock a good selection of television aerials, satellite equipment and accessories. If you can't see the product you require, please ask.
    We also fit televsion aerials to caravans and motorhomes. Please contact our Workshop Manager for a price.

    04-3080 Status Aerial 580 £209.95 Available to order

    04-3070 Status Aerial 570 £179.95

    04-2075 Status Aerial 355/ 5m  £119.95 Available to order

    09-6400 Vision Plus Image 540 £39.99 Available to order

    09-6000/610 Vision Plus Image 610 £29.99 Available to order

    09-6073 Status …

  • See description for prices

    We stock a good selection of cleaning products including Fenwicks, Silky and Mucbuster.

    Fenwicks Awning Cleaner (1ltr) £6.99

    Fenwicks Black Streak Remover (1ltr) £6.99

    Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler (1ltr) £7.99

    Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner (1ltr) 11.99

    Fenwicks Motorhome Cleaner (1ltr) £11.99

    Fenwicks Waste Pipe Cleaner (1ltr) £7.99

    Fenwicks Overwintering (1ltr) £10.50

    Fenwicks Windowize (100ml) £5.99

    Silky (480ml) £6.99

  • Refillable moisture trap. Includes crystals.

  • Packaged in a handy resealable self standing pack, Kontrol Krystals are Calcium Chloride flakes designed to Refill Kontrol Streamline Moisture Traps.

  • Packaged in a handy resealable self standing pack, Kontrol Krystals are Calcium Chloride flakes designed to Refill Kontrol Streamline Moisture Traps.

  • see description for prices

    We have a large stock of door catches, cupboard catches, fittings, p clips, W4 parts.

    Screwtop cover in white or brown (pk10) £0.99

    Hinge snap caps in white or cream (pk10) £1.30

    Metal fixing bracket and cover in cream of beige (pk5)£1.95

    Fendt cupboard roller catch £2.99

    Double roller catch metal £1.25

    00008 Curtain/tablecloth retainer £3.75

    37803 Venetta door retainer £1.99

    37848 Viva door retainer £3.99

    37820 Extended Viva door retainer £3.49

    Surecatch hook latch retainer £4.99 …

  • from £4.00

    Extending snow shovel £6.00

    Long handle snow shovel £8.99

    Metal edged snow shovel £9.99

    Small skid Sledge (red) £4.00

  • from £140

    NEW Caravan covers. Prices from £140.00 Breathable material.


    13.9ft - 16.8ft (420cm - 510cm) Quest green caravan cover £140.00 IN STOCK

    16.8-18.8ft(510cm - 570cm) Quest green caravan cover £150.00 AVAILABLE TO ORDER

    18.8-20.8ft (570cm - 630cm) Quest green caravan cover £155.00 IN STOCK

    21-23 ft Quest green caravan cover £160.00 AVAILABLE TO ORDER

    23-25ft Kampa green caravan cover £165.00 IN STOCK



    Please ring Angela for more details.

  • £379.00


    30403-02 Truma Ultraheat

    Additional electric heater Ultraheat
    Energy source Electrical power
    Power supply 230V/50 Hz
    Power consumption at operating levels 500 W/1000 W/2000 W 2,2 A/4.5 A/8.5 A
    Weight 2 kg

    Additional benefits of Ultraheat

    Flexible warm air distribution via existing fan and warm air ducts

    Thermostatic control at all operating levels

    Also available with remote sensor for optimum room temperature control

    Extremely easy to program with a standard time switch

  • Camptech Kingsize Sleeping bags - £35.00

  • Caravan Awning Curtain Swish Visa Track

    Curtain tape to attach your curtain to the Visa curtain rail.

    £2.99 Per metre

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