Whale water products

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We stock a large selection of Whale Water Products.  If you can't see the part you need, please ask.

GP1332 Whale Superfil Pump £65.99

GP1352 Whale 12V Submersible Pump £39.99

GP1652 Whale Submersible Pump £34.99

GP1692 Whale Inline Pump £43.99

WS7205 Whale Surge Damper £29.50

WF1230 Whale Aquasource Inline Filter 12mm £34.99

WF1530 Whale Aquasource Inline Filter 15mm £34.99

AK8834 Whale Watermaster Service Kit £5.50

UH0814 Whale Aquasmart plug-hose-filter Assembly £39.99

WF3000 Whale Aquasmart Filter £15.99

EM9401 Whale Aquasource Mains Water hook Up £65.99

ES1000 Watermaster Inlet Socket for Microswitched system £34.99

ES5001 Watermaster Inlet Socket with Integrated Pressure Switch £34.99

MT8000 Whale Elite Microswitch kit £17.99

RT9000 Whale RT Tap Microswitch kit £13.99

WU7207 Whale Grooved Pressure Switch £33.99

WU1282 Whale Stem Hose Connector 12mm - 1/2" £6.99

WU1280 Whale Stem Hose Connector 12mm - 3/8" £6.99

EP1612 Whale Water Pump £59.99

EP1622 Whale Water Pump £56.99

AS5123 Whale Elegance Combi Handset White £26.99

AS5623 Whale Elegance Combi Handset Beige £24.99

AS5020 Whale Assembly Combo for Elegance Taps White £12.99

AS5030 Whale Assembly Combo for Elegance taps Beige £12.99

AS5133 Whale Elegance 1/2" BSP Combi Handset £24.99

AS5125 Whale Long Outlet Assembly White £17.99

AS5625 Whale Long Outlet Assembly Beige £17.99

RT7007 Whale Mixer Tap Long Outlet Beige £54.99

RT7010 Whale Mixer Tap Short Outlet Beige £49.99

RT2500 Whale Elegance Mixer Comi Tap/shower £79.99

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